It is a big decision to decide to sell your home. It means moving your family from a home that they likely love to a new and unfamiliar one. Even if you only move locally you will still be moving away from your neighbours, familiar places and friends. Behind this life changing decision there is usually a compelling reason and even then studies have shown that it still takes on average two years from first thinking about selling to actually deciding to go ahead and put your property on the market.


People need to relocate for a variety of reasons. They may have been offered a better job in a different part of the country; they may need to move to a catchment area for a better/more suitable school for their children; they may need to move closer to elderly parents or they may need to move to reduce the length of their commute to work.


As families grow they may simply outgrow the size of their home. They may have more children or if their children share a room they may decide that they need to have their own space as they get older.


The opposite occurs as children start to leave home. Paying to heat and maintain a home larger than they need may spur empty nesters to move to a property that is a better size for their needs.


The most common lifestyle change is a move from the city to the countryside. It is most commonly associated with couples starting families and moving from a busy city to an area where their children can have a bigger garden to run around in and where the money from the sale of their compact city property can purchase them a much larger property. However, it is not only young families that make this move. Older couples at the end of their careers may choose to move away from the busyness of city life in order to have a more peaceful retirement and others may even choose to do the reverse, moving to the city once their children are grown and flown.

Equity Release

This can be done by selling and then buying a cheaper home. This is a big motivation for selling for downsizers who get the benefit of a more manageable home and a lump sum of cash to spend enjoying life. It can also be a motivator for people who love to renovate properties and then move on to the next project investing the equity they have released into their next property.

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