Want to know the top six things that can put potential buyers off of your home? They are not as obvious as you might think.

Clutter makes rooms feel smaller. If you cannot bear to let go of items then consider renting a storage unit to put some of your things in until you move.

Potential buyers are trying to envisage whether they can see themselves living in your property. Dirty properties can be cleaned but most people find it hard to conjure up an image of what something can be made to look like. So make sure that the image that you provide for them is a clean and welcoming one.

Clingy Sellers
Of course you are anxious to know how a viewing is going and want to make sure that potential buyers are seeing all of the most charming parts of your property. However, sellers that loiter during a viewing are more likely to put buyers off than encourage them to make an offer. This is because potential buyers need to have the opportunity to visualise themselves living in your property and that is much harder if the current homeowner is standing right in front of them.

Unpleasant odours are a big no no for potential buyers. Make sure that you take the time to find the source of any unpleasant odours and deal with them. While you may be tempted to burn your favourite scented candle, be aware that no scent, however strong, can mask an unpleasant odour. Instead you end up with a mix of the two scents which can be highly unpleasant. Fresh air is the most attractive scent to buyers so make sure that your property has been well aired before any viewings.

The Goldilocks Effect
If a potential buyer feels too hot or too cold it will affect their perception of your home. You don’t want them to think of your property as ‘the cold house’ or ‘the hot house’. You want them to be as comfortable as possible during the viewing. 21°C is an ideal temperature, so consider adjusting your thermostat accordingly a couple of hours before each viewing.

Your estate agent
Rude and unhelpful agents don’t only annoy potential buyers, they may put them off of purchasing your property completely. Take some time when choosing your agent to talk to them about the local area and their experience of selling similar properties like yours. If you don’t find them to be knowledgeable and approachable then your potential buyers won’t either. It is important that when you leave them alone with your potential buyers during viewings that they have the social skills to be able to turn a potential buyer into an offer.

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